stowe arts and culture council presents

Stowe arts week


Long known as the “Ski Capital of the East,” this summer Stowe was  the epicenter of the arts when the Stowe Arts and Culture Council presented for the first time ever, Arts Week 2018, to celebrate Stowe's long history and involvement in the arts. A sincere "thank you" to all who participated in the many events of the week.  We hope to make this an annual event, and will be working on Arts Week 2019 now.  Please contact if you'd like to be invoived.


The  Stowe Arts and Culture Council (SACC) is a group of Stowe community members, organizations, and business representatives who gather periodically to collaborate and plan to further the vibrancy and attractiveness of Stowe as an inspiring place to live and visit. It has developed into a group that promotes Stowe as a global center for the arts.

For further information on these events and more, check the SACC website, or the Stowe Area Association events calendar at